Herbal Supplements for good health and fitness-VI

The next food item helpful in maintaining good health and nutrition is HERBAL TEA


Herbal teas are actually called infusions and are most popular way of consuming aromatic herbs and flowers. Herb teas or infusions can have a mix of healing ingredients like Jasmine flower (eliminates water retention), chamomile flower (sleep inducer) or digestive infusions with various spices and herbs. The entire benefit of the herb or spice is passed on to the infusion. Benefit range from eliminating water retention, inducing sleep, removing gas, calming the stomach, controlling loose motions, providing antioxidants, to fight cancer and more.

Practical consumption:

For cough and cold, boil tulsi, ginger and two whole black peppercorns, sweeten with honey and drink. As a pick-me up, boil a few leaves of green tea with a pinch of ground cinnamon, ginger and cardamom till the color is golden.


Too much tea leads to intestinal dryness