Herbal Supplements for Good Health and Fitness-XI

The next herbal supplement in my list is:



When life is sleeping, it is in its seed form. But when it is nourished with water, the seed begins to germinate and sprout life. Sprouts hold a special place in naturopathy, macrobiotics, raw food diets and the vegan diet as the best way to consume any type of grain or seed. They contain vitamin C and B complex, active enzymes, digestible proteins and macro-nutrients. Several anti-cancer therapies suggest eating sprouts to prevent recurrence.


Mung and Moth sprouts are the most popular. Add onion, tomato, mint, green chilli, some seeds like sesame or nuts. We can also add yellow and red bell peppers. Steam sprouts only if you find it difficult to eat them raw. Choose organic sprouts for best results.


People with a tendency to gas should avoid eating sprouts of heavy grains and stick to lighter sprouts of mung. Pregnant women should avoid raw foods.


Herbal Supplements For Good Health And Fitness-X

According to the American Medical Association Journal, even having healthy diet plans over 100,000 Americans die in hospitals every year due to side effects from regularly prescribed medications. Throughout America, a huge amount of medication is prescribed on a daily basis. The medical community openly acknowledges that fact that it does not have any cure for several common diseases that affect people.

Most allopathic medicines have side effects that can range from mild to severe. The reason for this is that most of these chemicals have certain toxic properties. This is why there have been so many prescription drugs that got pulled from the market after enjoying several years of FDA approval.

The sad thing is that very few doctors nowadays bother to inform patients and about possible side effects due to close and cozy relationships with the pharmaceutical industries. Half of the truth is that pharmaceutical companies will only tell doctors as much as they want to and not reveal the complete picture. Therefore, the doctors are not completely to blame because they cannot warn patients against side effects of chemicals they are not aware of.

The trouble is that the business is so profitable is that these medicine manufacturers are more concerned with profits and FDA approval rather than the overall effect on the health of patients.
This is one reason why several doctors are now beginning to recommend complementary alternative treatments, like herbal supplements, therapies and medicines.
Here are some interesting facts:

• The totally amount of annual profits made by pharmaceutical companies through sale of drugs in the United States alone is over $100 billion
• More than 25% of all prescription drugs available contain Herbal Supplements
• More than 80,000 types of plants and herbs are used all over the world for medicinal purposes
• Over 75% of the global population depends on herbal supplements for regular treatment

Herbal Supplements for Good Health and Fitness-IX


Tulsi comes in three varieties, but the Shyam tulsi is most nutritive. It is useful in all upper respiratory disorders from sinusitis, cough, cold, asthma and allergy to pneumonia. This is because it is drying, is a powerful antiseptic and anti-malarial agent and also clears the channels (srotas) to facilitate the movement of bio fluids. Tulsi contains Vitamin A,Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc and Iron. It is an excellent adaptogen, which means it helps the body to adapt to tissue stress. When tissues are stressed, they break down or repair slowly, which results in aging.


Boil water with seven Tulsi leaves till the water turns dark, add a pinch of cinnamon powder and drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach.


An overdose of Tulsi has a contraceptive effect

Herbal Supplements for Good Health and Fitness-VIII

Here I come with my next Superfood item



The sea has a far richer diversity in plants than land. The many plants of the sea sustain the health of the sea and consequently, the health of land and all the life on it. Seaweed is a kind of algae and is a rich storehouse of nutrients and disease fighting elements. It has been used in South-East Asia for centuries. Spirulina was extensively researched as one of the foods for astronauts and that is how the benefits of the simple algae became known to in the west. In South-East Asia, many algae are eaten in the form of soups, curries etc. In Japan, they are popular as Nori. People who live in coastal areas have a very low incidence of thyroid disorders. This is because their food is rich in sea minerals.


Spirulina is a popular form of algae, easily available as tablets and capsules. Many South-East Asian foods consist of seaweed wraps with rice.


Some people may find the odour of seaweed too strong, so start with tablets and capsules and then go on to the fresh form. Most stores in Singapore and Hong Kong have seaweed-base foods and snacks. With tablets, stick to the prescribed dose.


Herbal Supplements for good health and fitness-VII

Hello friends,
We can certainly get benefits by using Figs and Raisins


Figs are one of the most alkaline foods on earth. Our bodies have a certain a acid-alkali balance that is skewed towards the alkali and contributes to our state of health. When we eat indiscriminately, the breakdown of so much food makes the body environment so much acidic which makes it a fertile medium for becteria, viruses and Candida (a yeast like fungus) that multiply and cause disorders. Even cancers grow in acidic environment. Figs are both alkaline and rich in several minerals and micro-nutrients. They also contain non-fattening natural sugar helping in weight control. The special fibre in figs (pectin) improves bowel movements and works against cholesterol build up. Raisins are dried grapes used as natural sugar. They rise the hemoglobin level and should be eaten by growing children.


Pre-soaked figs can eaten be first thing in the morning. Figs and raisins can be added to juices and salads along with hazel nuts, pine nuts and walnuts.


To get the best nutritional benefit, do not combine figs with dairy products and heavy cereals.


Herbal Supplements for good health and fitness-VI

The next food item helpful in maintaining good health and nutrition is HERBAL TEA


Herbal teas are actually called infusions and are most popular way of consuming aromatic herbs and flowers. Herb teas or infusions can have a mix of healing ingredients like Jasmine flower (eliminates water retention), chamomile flower (sleep inducer) or digestive infusions with various spices and herbs. The entire benefit of the herb or spice is passed on to the infusion. Benefit range from eliminating water retention, inducing sleep, removing gas, calming the stomach, controlling loose motions, providing antioxidants, to fight cancer and more.

Practical consumption:

For cough and cold, boil tulsi, ginger and two whole black peppercorns, sweeten with honey and drink. As a pick-me up, boil a few leaves of green tea with a pinch of ground cinnamon, ginger and cardamom till the color is golden.


Too much tea leads to intestinal dryness


Herbal Supplements for good health and fitness-V

I am back with the next herbal supplement towards good health and fitness:


This plant has roots that go underground upto 30 feet in search of nutrients, which means that alfa-alfa is very rich in special nutrients and minerals. In fact, the Arabs refer to it, as 'the father of herbs'. It is rich in vitamin A, C and K and minerals like selenium, copper and enzymes. It is best for anaemia, increasing lactation, bleeding and clotting disorders, menopausal and menstrual problems and liver related problems.


Sprout one teaspoon of alfa-alfa seeds overnight in a moist cloth. Make tea out of the sprouts the next day or simply add to a salad.


If anybody has autoimmune disorders, it should be taken under medical supervision.