Herbal Supplements for Good Health and Fitness-VIII

Here I come with my next Superfood item



The sea has a far richer diversity in plants than land. The many plants of the sea sustain the health of the sea and consequently, the health of land and all the life on it. Seaweed is a kind of algae and is a rich storehouse of nutrients and disease fighting elements. It has been used in South-East Asia for centuries. Spirulina was extensively researched as one of the foods for astronauts and that is how the benefits of the simple algae became known to in the west. In South-East Asia, many algae are eaten in the form of soups, curries etc. In Japan, they are popular as Nori. People who live in coastal areas have a very low incidence of thyroid disorders. This is because their food is rich in sea minerals.


Spirulina is a popular form of algae, easily available as tablets and capsules. Many South-East Asian foods consist of seaweed wraps with rice.


Some people may find the odour of seaweed too strong, so start with tablets and capsules and then go on to the fresh form. Most stores in Singapore and Hong Kong have seaweed-base foods and snacks. With tablets, stick to the prescribed dose.