Herbal Supplements for good health and fitness-VII

Hello friends,
We can certainly get benefits by using Figs and Raisins


Figs are one of the most alkaline foods on earth. Our bodies have a certain a acid-alkali balance that is skewed towards the alkali and contributes to our state of health. When we eat indiscriminately, the breakdown of so much food makes the body environment so much acidic which makes it a fertile medium for becteria, viruses and Candida (a yeast like fungus) that multiply and cause disorders. Even cancers grow in acidic environment. Figs are both alkaline and rich in several minerals and micro-nutrients. They also contain non-fattening natural sugar helping in weight control. The special fibre in figs (pectin) improves bowel movements and works against cholesterol build up. Raisins are dried grapes used as natural sugar. They rise the hemoglobin level and should be eaten by growing children.


Pre-soaked figs can eaten be first thing in the morning. Figs and raisins can be added to juices and salads along with hazel nuts, pine nuts and walnuts.


To get the best nutritional benefit, do not combine figs with dairy products and heavy cereals.