Herbal Supplements for Good Health and Fitness-XI

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When life is sleeping, it is in its seed form. But when it is nourished with water, the seed begins to germinate and sprout life. Sprouts hold a special place in naturopathy, macrobiotics, raw food diets and the vegan diet as the best way to consume any type of grain or seed. They contain vitamin C and B complex, active enzymes, digestible proteins and macro-nutrients. Several anti-cancer therapies suggest eating sprouts to prevent recurrence.


Mung and Moth sprouts are the most popular. Add onion, tomato, mint, green chilli, some seeds like sesame or nuts. We can also add yellow and red bell peppers. Steam sprouts only if you find it difficult to eat them raw. Choose organic sprouts for best results.


People with a tendency to gas should avoid eating sprouts of heavy grains and stick to lighter sprouts of mung. Pregnant women should avoid raw foods.


Herbal Supplements For Good Health And Fitness-X

According to the American Medical Association Journal, even having healthy diet plans over 100,000 Americans die in hospitals every year due to side effects from regularly prescribed medications. Throughout America, a huge amount of medication is prescribed on a daily basis. The medical community openly acknowledges that fact that it does not have any cure for several common diseases that affect people.

Most allopathic medicines have side effects that can range from mild to severe. The reason for this is that most of these chemicals have certain toxic properties. This is why there have been so many prescription drugs that got pulled from the market after enjoying several years of FDA approval.

The sad thing is that very few doctors nowadays bother to inform patients and about possible side effects due to close and cozy relationships with the pharmaceutical industries. Half of the truth is that pharmaceutical companies will only tell doctors as much as they want to and not reveal the complete picture. Therefore, the doctors are not completely to blame because they cannot warn patients against side effects of chemicals they are not aware of.

The trouble is that the business is so profitable is that these medicine manufacturers are more concerned with profits and FDA approval rather than the overall effect on the health of patients.
This is one reason why several doctors are now beginning to recommend complementary alternative treatments, like herbal supplements, therapies and medicines.
Here are some interesting facts:

• The totally amount of annual profits made by pharmaceutical companies through sale of drugs in the United States alone is over $100 billion
• More than 25% of all prescription drugs available contain Herbal Supplements
• More than 80,000 types of plants and herbs are used all over the world for medicinal purposes
• Over 75% of the global population depends on herbal supplements for regular treatment