Medicinal Value of Food

All foods offer us benefits other than simple energy, but some foods have great healing power than others. To put it simple, if we don’t eat, we can not live. But aside from serving that most basic need- that of keeping us alive and our taste buds happy-the best foods keep us healthy, happy and whole. These are super foods, a cross between food and medicine.

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest and still more practical health treatises, had always connected food with medicine. But over the years, we lost that connection and forgot about the healing power of the food.

However, we have regained that knowledge to an extent now, but we tend to focus only on the energy component of the food-its caloric count. That’s not the only attribute of food however. Food gives us the vitality to function; builds our bodies; protects us from the environment by creating a layer of fat; affects our moods; fights diseases at a cellular and metabolic level; improves body rejuvenation and so delays ageing; and cures diseases.

All foods have a medicinal value, but certain plants that may not ordinarily be part of our daily diets have an immense capacity to affect us positively in various ways. I will discuss about some superfoods in my future posts.

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