Superfoods for good health and fitness-III

Fruit and Vegetable juices are essential consituent of a healthy diet plan. They are blessed with three factors leading to good health and fitness.

(a) They are rich in antioxidants.

(b) They are full of live enzymes.

(c) They contain heat-labile vitamins (that is, the vitamins that are usually
lost while cooking).

Antioxidants are exceptionally important because they destroy the free radicals that are continuously created in our body due to toxins from fertilizers, pollution and so on. Free radicals lead to inflammation in the heart, arthritis, mutations resulting in cancers and other terrible diseases. The role of antioxidants was first discovered by the naturopaths, but laboratory confirmations using advanced scientific tools are relatively recent.

Fruit and Vegetable juices are also rich in live enzymes. Enzymes are a component of food with the power to transform. They transform plant energy to an energy form that we can utilize. This power also resides in our livers, but we tend to overload the liver to such an extent that the body is unable to handle food. All problems of fatigue, dark circles under the eyes and lack of facial glow result from under-metabolic food.

When we cook vegetables, all enzymes are lost due to the heat. So, when we drink vegetable juices, we also get enzymes. Enzymes are present in raw salads, raw vegetables and fruit.
The third important aspect of fruit and vegetable juices is that they are a storehouse of vitamins like B complex and C that are otherwise destroyed in cooking. Many disorders due to indiscriminate eating are miraculously cured by naturopathy techniques and fruit & vegetable juice therapy.


Make different juices every day. Try a juice of carrot and fennel, add some ginger or garlic according to taste to add to the nutritional benefits.


If you are used to a very unhealthy diet or refined or processed foods, begin with small quantities because sudden detoxification may overwhelm the system. Pregnant women and people with compromised immunity should also avoid vegetable juices. In this way you will be able to transform nature's life forces to human vitality.


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